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Material Things garments are designed with repurposed gorgeous vintage silk kimonos that have been discarded from their original use. Fashion forward street and event wear as well as accesories are created by refashioning the original piece or employing the harvested fabric . 


The pieces are all one-size and unique. They fit you in your own way and you will never find anyone with your identical garment.


Many pieces are designed to be worn in a multitude of ways and some are reversable.


No or minimal waste is also important, with scraps going to other artists or school art stashes.


Custom Orders

The unique piece of your dreams can be custom made for you.



Material Things is on the go. Always available for art festivals, trunck shows and fundraising parties and events. I am also available for teaching refashioning workshops.

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Yes it is a material world, but we can make choices.


Material Things garments are created from discarded vintage silk and wool kimonos. While embracing the beauty of these fabrics, repurposing has both environmental and economic benefits.


Clothing and textile recycling reduces pressure on virgin resources as well as  avoiding many polluting and energy intensive processes. Making textiles from fresh materials is one of the largest global users of water and requires dyes and fixing agents. Pollution from textile production occurs in some of the worlds most vulnerable countries. 


Also benificial is reducing the requirement of landfill space. Textiles lead to many problems in landfills. Synthetic fibers don't decompose. Woolen garments do decompose but produce methane, which contributes to global warming.

Maria Winner
Material Things
are available at
Currents Gallery
532 NE Third Street
Mcminnville, OR
Fyberworks Boutique
4300 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland. OR
or visit


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